Animals Who Came To Say ‘Hello’ And Were Totally Adorable

Some animals live in packs, some wander alone but all of them need a little love.

Sharing mother earth with all the other critters in the world can be an incredible sweet thing. From adorable wild bunnies, to deer cuddling with cats… you won’t even believe how cute these animals who stumbled onto random properties are! Take a look of all the cuteness for yourself in the gallery, below.

1. A Deer Visits This Cat Every Morning In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

How sweet are these photos of them cuddling?!

2. Welcome, Everyone!

“My parents started feeding a stray kitten a couple weeks ago. This was their front porch today…”

3. Oh Hello There! Get Comfortable Why Don’t You

“Over time this handsome guy became very comfortable in my friend’s backyard.”

Click ahead to see the rest!

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