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‘Badges For Baseball’ Has Incredible Impact On Millions Of At-Risk Youth

They work hard to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and today’s youth through the game of baseball, and now with Matt’s help, music!

Part of being successful includes giving back wherever possible to disadvantaged or at-risk youth and doing your part to be the change you wish to see in the world. When it comes to preventing juvenile crime, giving children an outlet to be around positive peers, a healthy lifestyle and socially engaged with their communities is the proven way to change the statistics.

One of these programs that has had incredible impact is Badges For Baseball, a foundation created by Cal Ripken, Sr, who’s known for his 37 years serving as a player, coach and manager for the Baltimore Orioles.

The concept of Badges For Baseball is to pair cops and kids together to play and learn. While this work is not easy, it’s incredibly rewarding and carries a massive impact to the lifestyles of at-risk kids. These kids are very young, mostly from 9-14, and are responding incredibly well to the work the foundation’s been doing.


Matt Stillwell recently teamed up with the foundation which is currently on tour with 30 members of the LAPD. Together, they aim to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and today’s youth through the game of baseball, and with Matt’s help, music, too!


The event hosted 200 underprivileged children for this youth mentor program that utilities curriculums to teach important lessons about teamwork, communication, respect, and leadership that can be used both on and off the field. Last year, they were able to impact over a million kids in 49 states… this year they’re hoping to impact even more.

Want to get involved? Click here to get information on donations and volunteering!

Also, check out this new video of Matt in L.A. and St Louis working events with an incredible group of kids!

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